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um, hi

1. Name (first ok), nick name? Amelia
2. Age. 18
3. Gender. Female
4. Name three top career choices for you. Actor, screenwriter, movie/tv critic.
5. Name five favorite hobbies/time wasters/activities. Eating, acting, being a fangirl, talking and runing around like a spaz.
6. The color you hate the most, and why. Erm... probably brown 'cause it's pretty boring.
7. Apple or "PC". PC, but I've got nothing against Apple.
8. Song that gets stuck in your head the most. Too many to name! Whatever I was listening to last. Right now it's a song from the play I'm in.
9. Car/bike (type) that you drive. Um... none.
10. Dream car or bike. I don't really care that much, 'cause I'm not so much into cars and bikes.
11. Most hated ice cream flavor. I love ice cream, but I'd have to say anything with fruit, especially banana.
12. Right-y or Left-y. Right handed and left-brained!
13. Favorite actor/actress. Actresses: Nicole Kidman, Emma Caulfield, Jennifer Garner and Jill Hennessy. Actors: Ewan McGregor, Johnny Depp, Nicholas Brendon, Michael Vartan, Jerry O'Connell and Matthew Perry.
14. Most hated TV show/Movie. I love tv and movies so much! I'd have to say that I really don't like Reality TV (except The Amazing Race, which isn't really reality tv), and I don't like movies with bad characterization and badly developed plot lines. I have to say, I didn't really like 'Daredevil' at all.
15. Anything you would like to add? Um, I just saw this community for ENFPs and I thought I'd join, as I'm pretty much a typic ENFP. I guess I wanted to meet others!
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