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Welcome to Hotel California (You can always check out, but you can never leave)

Hey guys/girls. I've been meaning to do this for a while, I actually got 1/2 way through this entry about a week ago and had something else come up. I know you are all probably sick of quizzes and questionaires - but for every new member I am going to ask you to fill this out. (it will also be posted in the bio part for new-er members. Please be honest. You can omit any 2 questions you do not wish to answer, but not anymore than two. Also, please do not answer this in comment form, but in an entry. Thank =)

1. Name (first ok), nick name?
2. Age.
3. Gender.
4. Name three top career choices for you.
5. Name five favorite hobbies/time wasters/activities.
6. The color you hate the most, and why.
7. Apple or "PC".
8. Song that gets stuck in your head the most.
9. Car/bike (type) that you drive.
10. Dream car or bike.
11. Most hated ice cream flavor.
12. Right-y or Left-y.
13. Favorite actor/actress.
14. Most hated TV show/Movie.
15. Anything you would like to add?
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