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All of us....and more

Fun While it Lasted
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A community for Infps and Enfps.

Hopefully this thing will be updated everyday by your two moderators =)
We will try to post a Question and Joke/random thought every day... Please participate.

Feel free to post about your day/troubles or if you need advice.

1. No room for homophobia, racism or any other hatred of other members here =)
2. No more than 2 posts a day (and please not two posts everyday)
3. If you post a picture please cut it for users with a slower connection.
* Learn how here

Hey guys/girls. I know you are all probably sick of quizzes and questionaires - but for every new member I am going to ask you to fill this out. Please be honest. You can omit any 2 questions you do not wish to answer, but not anymore than two. Also, please do not answer this in comment form, but in an entry. Thank =)

1. Name (first ok), nick name?
2. Age.
3. Gender.
4. Name three top career choices for you.
5. Name five favorite hobbies/time wasters/activities.
6. The color you hate the most, and why.
7. Apple or "PC".
8. Song that gets stuck in your head the most.
9. Car/bike (type) that you drive.
10. Dream car or bike.
11. Most hated ice cream flavor.
12. Right-y or Left-y.
13. Favorite actor/actress.
14. Most hated TV show/Movie.
15. Anything you would like to add?
35 mm cameras, acceptance, angelina jolie, art, astronomy, autobiographies, beaches, being by myself, binary, bio technology, black and white photography, black metal, books, bracelets, brave new world, broadening my horizons, brutal metal, buying my own island, cala lillies, catch 22, century rides, chicken broth, chineese food, chocolate covered almonds, clarity, classic cars, college, communism, computers, contradictions, cooking, creativity, curiosity, cycling, czarist russia, death metal, debating, design, designated driver, digital cameras, drawing trees, driving, edgar allen poe, egypt, elizabeth bathory, enfp, fairies, fantasy, fight club, figments of my imagination, flip flops, food, food tv, foreign films, freedom, game cube, gay rights, generalized anxiety disorder, guyana, guyanese people, handwritten letters, history, honesty, horror movies, identity, introverted, invader zim, irony, jalapeno poppers, japan, japanese names, joking around, jthm, knives, learning new things, lesbians, letters in my mailbox, loud noises, love notes, mad scientists, making jewelry, mappy, maps, mbti, mechanical pencils, meeting new people, metaphors, middle college, mosh pits, music of all kinds, mythology, n64, nail polish, natural disasters, nature, original iron chef, overcoming anxiety, paradox, passion fruit, penpals, personality disorders, philosophy, photography, pool, pop culture, porn, privacy, quirky signatures, quotes, race, rain, rasputin, relaxing, rice, rings, road biking, russia, science, sensuality, sexuality, snail mail, sober, soup, spoken word, stick shift, strawberries, taco, tattoos, team in training, technology, the caribbean, the nightmare before christmas, the seventh seal, theatre, theories, time splitters, to kill a mockingbird, tolerance, tornadoes, trains, treasure trolls, vampires, verandas, vh1, vintage erotica, volcanoes, water, weight training, world domination, writing